6 Websites That Make Digital Integration Easy For Teachers

Technology in the Classroom

6 Websites That Make Digital Integration Easy!

How did we ever teach without the internet? I can remember when I only had one desktop computer in my classroom. It was one of those iMac G3’s that came in an array of beautiful colors. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and so did my students. Sharing one desktop computer was challenging though. Thankfully, technology integration in schools has come a long way since then. Now, most schools are 1:1 with either iPads or Google Chromebooks, and teachers have a plethora of technology tools at their fingertips.

Teachers need web tools that will simplify lesson planning, keep the classroom running smoothly, and keep students engaged. Using quality websites is one of the easiest and less stressful ways to integrate technology into the classroom.

Below, I’ve listed 6 FREE websites that make digital integration easy for teachers. These websites are user-friendly and super easy to integrate into core curriculum subject areas. All of the websites below were awarded the AASL Best of 2017 for teaching and learning. There are many other free websites that made the list, so be sure to check them out!

Media Sharing

Classhook – Teach your students using their favorite TV shows and movies.

Age Appropriate for Grades K-12

Classhook is a video-based site that helps you find clips from popular television shows and movies that have a myriad of references to valuable educational content. Finding these references can be time-consuming and difficult. Classhook makes the process of finding these teachable moments easier. You can find subject-relevant, age-appropriate, and edited clips in just a few minutes.

You can search by topic or subject, and you can refine your search by grade level, clip length, and series. There’s also a box to check that will filter out any profanity. Classhook makes it easy to bring compelling content into your classroom. It improves student engagement and content retention in the classroom by making connections to popular television shows and movies. For example, make connections when teaching about static electricity using Ed, Edd n Eddy. As teachers, we may think this is a silly show, but students will be able to relate!

Digital Storytelling

Buncee – Create a fun learning environment in the classroom while engaging students both at home and at school.

Age Appropriate for Grades K-12

Buncee is a fun presentation and digital storytelling tool that aids in creating interactive multimedia presentations. Students and teachers can integrate content using a variety of sources as well as create within the program directly on each slide. The user-friendly toolbar provides ease of accessibility and preview without the user having to navigate away from the slide or program. Use Buncee with students in creating their own digital personal histories!

Here’s a quick Buncee tutorial. Watch how easy it is to use!

Manage and Organize

Baamboozle – The perfect warm up, concept checker, lesson review… you name it. Students absolutely love playing Bamboozle!

Age Appropriate for Grades K-12

This website requires absolutely no preparation and no student accounts are needed. How much easier can that be, right? Baamboozle provides a platform for creating and playing games that can be used as topic introductions, lesson reviews, and assessments at all grade levels. You can also assign point values based on the degree of difficulty of a question. Teachers can create their own games or the search feature will allow access to games already created and made public. There is also a study mode feature that permits players to review the game/lesson before providing their answers.
Baamboozle has hundreds of pre-made, ready to go games to choose from!


6 Websites That Make Digital Integration Easy!

Social Networking and Communications

Flipgrid – A video discussion community for your classroom. You add the topics, your students respond with short videos, and everyone engages!

Appropriate for Grades K-12

Flipgrid empowers and amplifies student’s voice. By using the grid, students can view your topics, record their responses and reply to classmates. Grids can be open or locked and embedded into any LMS or website. If you’re looking for a way to gather conversation topics and discussion with your students, then Flipgrid is the site for you! Using this tool is simple. Post a topic and your students respond via video in 90 seconds, from anywhere, using just about any device. Use Flipgrid to enhance discussion, learning, and collaboration.

Flipgrid works on all browsers, desktop, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Curriculum Collaboration

Wizer.me – Not your average worksheet! Build, assign, share, and use beautiful and engaging online worksheets for free!

Age Appropriate for Grades 1-12

Wizer.me is an amazing online question/response tool that allows you to make engaging worksheets for students. It uses a simple platform that integrates a wide variety of features that makes boring paper/pencil worksheets into a meaningful online tool. Questioning, student response, and feedback is easy. Wizer’s mobile-friendly, drag-and-drop tasks include multimedia embedding, matching, sorting, diagram/image labeling, and so much more. Students also have the ability to record responses and feedback through audio support, making this product easy to use for younger students just learning to read. Wizer.me is the perfect tool for flipping the classrooms, creating learning stations, surveys, and skill practice/review.

Assign to students in 1-click and share via Google Classroom or any LMS.

There are tons of community worksheets already created by teachers for teachers. The categories span a wide array of curriculum areas and topics.

Watch how easy it is to create a Wizer.me Worksheet.

Content Resources

MediaSmarts – Explore digital and media literacy through a huge collection of teacher resources and classroom tools.

Age Appropriate for Grades K-12

MediaSmarts is a Canadian based non-profit, charitable organization for digital and media literacy. It is home to one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of digital and media literacy resources for teachers, students, and parents. Their K-12 resources align with the existing curriculum for integration in the classroom. MediaSmarts works to raise public awareness of the importance of appropriate internet usage for children and youth and engages in ongoing research. This website helps learners develop critical thinking skills to appropriately navigate digital resources.

Search and find thousands of lessons by grade level, resource type, and topic.

Click here to learn more about free, web-based teaching and learning websites from the American Association of School Librarians.

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