Teacher Report Card: Grade the Teacher!

End of Year Teacher Resources
Teacher Report Card
This Teacher Report Card is one of my favorite things to do with students during the last week of school! Students LOVE grading the teacher, and it’s always fun to read their responses. It’s the perfect end-of-year activity to use during those last few days of school before summer break.

Print, Copy, Fold!

I print the teacher report card front to back and fold it like a book. On the cover page, students write their teacher’s name, school year, and grade. I always give them time to color and decorate it if they want to.

Reflect and Write

On the inside pages, students have the opportunity to tell the teacher what they liked most about core subject areas. They describe their favorite field trip memory, what they liked most about their teacher, and what they liked least about their teacher. Students also “rate the teacher” by checking the appropriate boxes.

Report Card Comments & Final Grade

On the back, a “comments section” is included for students to write a personal note to their teacher and give suggestions for next year. There is also a box where students can place an overall letter grade for their teacher.

It is always fun (and sometimes comical) to read their responses and get some feedback on how we are doing in the eyes of our students.

**Bonus Activity Included! Advice from a former student… 🙂


Teacher Report Card

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