If you read my last post, How I Lost My Passion for Teaching, you know that I’m in the process of reading Unshakeable by Angela Watson. Time and energy plays a huge part in my passion for teaching. I’m often overwhelmed by my never ending to-do list, and constantly spinning my wheels while feeling like I’m never going to catch up. In her book, Angela discusses our use of time and energy as teachers. Her words hit home hard for me. “The goal here is to get more done while expending less time and energy.” ~Angela Watson “Your productivity level is far more important thanRead More →

I used to love teaching. I used to be excited about teaching. I used to be passionate about teaching. So, what happened? I’m really not sure I can pinpoint the exact reason or situation that made me lose my passion for teaching. I feel like there’s a lot that plays into the reason why “I lost it.” For one, I just finished my 14th year teaching, and I’ve kind of fell into a slump. You know that feeling of doing the same thing – year after year, day after day? I started to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. I taught third grade forRead More →